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Hi there! :D 066

If you:

- LOVE SAMURAI SHODOWN and can AT LEAST TOLERATE the guy on my LJ icon [LOL don't ask, I know his design isn't THAT good but I hate to see him getting bashed];
- or if any of my current fandoms are relevant to your interests
- wouldn't mind talking and reading about  IRL rants, philosophical mindfuck AND fandom crack (like what you see in Zetsubou Sensei LOL)

then you are more than welcome to friend me. :)
Don't worry, I'd be more than happy to listen to any bitching and stress releases and stuff.

Just so you'd guys know...


I was so busy with school and everything
I wasn't able to post anything for the past 9 months. My upperclassmen were not kidding when they said the 3rd year in Multimedia is utter hell. I had to deal with slumps in the worst possible times, and I think my friends are shipping me with someone like WTF. My subsidy was reduced to 60% this time, but I'm still grateful that I can continue studying.

Web Design and Video Production classes are really fun if don't get hit by slumps. CAD and 3D, I have a hard time mastering.  2D Animation is a different story though :D. I can't wait to finish 2D Anim 2 so I could use the shiny shiny Cintiq used in 2D3 :D. Oh, and I still haven't forgotten the promise I made to you guys~

As for fandoms, I really don't have a new one this year. Sorry guys, but I can't dive deeper to Hetalia yet, as much as I love the characters. And I really have to catch up with Zetsubou Sensei; I had NO idea there was a 4th season OTL. The only anime I'm looking forward to so far is Fairy Tail. My 2D animation class though is giving me the urge to watch a Cow and Chicken marathon.

<lol>, <///-u-///>, <relaxed>
Quote by Galileo Galilei. There's 45 minutes left in 2008 in thi time zone so might as well make it quick.

2008 has been one hell of a year. And not in a HELL YEAH LET'S PARRRR-TAY sense. It's really weird, y'know? From January til April it seemed that time's lagging like bitch. Come May to September my head felt to light the term felt surreal, like I just watched everything pass. Then third term my laziness mind block has worsened to dangerous levels to the point of almost losing my grant.

Truth be told, I really hate this year. Just when I have friends now I rarely see them this year. Then I get all paranoid, kind of like [is it my my fault?] sort of thing. Though I don't care anymore when my parents will never get along (it was doomed from the start, anyway), I really wish they'd STFU. The fights really got worst and my mom got almost kicked out, but IDK if my dad forgot about that so it really doesn't matter now. I also had a hard time concentrating on studies, and hell I can't even get into a new fandom. Utter shit.

But it really wasn't a bad year, per se, I joined in student organizations, and I brefriended upperclassmen, which was something I never thought I'd be able to do. I also got myself a 100% tuition grant, which really helped considering my family's financial status. Even if I rarely met my friends, we got to go out partying. Oh, and to clarify things, 18 is the legal age in my country, and I'm the only one who isn't 18 in 2008. I'M GETTING MYSELF A HOOKAH FOR MY BIRTHDAY OR I'LL DIE TRYING! I also got to see my faults for once, so 2009 is REALLY SPESHUL for me.

As for fandoms, well, there really isn't much. Oh wait, EDGE OF DESTINY, though I think it would've been better if it was an RPG I really like Suzu and Sir Golba and especially what they did to Bluey lolol. Zetsubou Sensei was tons of fun too. Pretty anime, crazy fun characters and the topics are something I'd really live to talk about with my Philosophy professor. While Zetsubou Sensei sparked my interest for yaoi [Jun\Nozo], GagMangaBiyori made me SLASH the characters. I really wish the series gets more love from outside of Japan. I guess it must be the ridiculous levels of SPAZZ. And how the history characters are fucked up too(see journal title). JunNozomu is sexy as hell, but A.G.BellxThomas Watson is my OTP now, sorry guys ()^__^.  As for Hetalia, I'll get back on that as soon as I get to the school library on Tuesday and borrow World History for Dummies.

I'm surprised I kept this journal alive for a year. Guys, I'm really REALLY sorry if I wrote too much whiny entries and filling your F-lists with drabbles and emo. I look forward to your crazy posts for years to come :D

I'm really looking forward to 2009 now. Hell, this year I have RESOLUTIONS now. I even had my hair cut a while ago. I'm glad the rained stopped tonight, the fireworks are lovely. Now if you excuse me, I'll go set me bonfire now.



<lol>, <///-u-///>, <relaxed>
I was so preoccupied with things I almost forgot it's Christmas. And unlike last year, I get to stay home and monopolize the PC, although I have to go visit my godparents (it's a tradition here).

And instead of a butchered Christmas song, this year I present super shiny pervert Nii-san! :D
You don't want to know where I got the pose


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Why is it that fandom squeezes FANTABULOUS  crack from serious series like Death Note while fandom comes up with angsty, angsty fanworks from a comedy/gag one? I'm not at all surprised with Zetsubou Sensei (courtesy of Nozomu) but god my flash drives has 100MB of dark yandere fanart of GagManga alone o_O. Don't tell me this applies to Hetalia too. I love angsty, yandere ninjas and secretaries, but not China. ):

This bothers me more than the fact that I failed in one of my midterms.


Copypaste'd from DA orz
Will be vectorized later.

I don't have the ability to come up with awesome titles.

October 12 doesn't have any significance in this area. I wouldn't draw this if not for the craziness that is Gag Manga Biyori (I'm the only one among my friends who likes this orz). Hetalia too, well, sort of.

Speaking of discovery I should draw him together with USA (hamburger love!)

This Columbus and Gag Manga Biyori © Kousuke Masuda.


Gag Manga Biyori
  Ok, where the hell is their fandom? This series is soooo random and nonsensical even Zetsubou Sensei appears sane in comparison. Stickers in food, a Dorameon/Speed Racer-ish parody, and people revealing their true colors 3 hours before the world ends. I could make so much GIF's in one episode alone it saddens me that I have no Photoshop. Delicious 5-minute crack. :q
  I'm planning to make a mood theme of these seires, does anyone know how I can?

Soul Eater

   Originally I was going to watch this just for the eyegasmic animation, but the characters adsfjhsasdgbdsadfghsA. I have never loved a cast so much since Samurai Shodown and Zetsubou Sensei.  And I am in LOVE with Okubo-sensei's art style and most especially CHARACTER DESIGN. Am I the only one in the fandom who doesn't like Medusa? :\

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

  Wow. This series covers much of my interests: psychological horror, blood, yandere, moe and Keiichi~. Onikakushi alone caught my heart for this series, and is one of the very few series that made me cry. Though currently I can't move on from Onikakushi since manga translatons are scarce and I'm way too disappointed with the anime.

Axis Powers Hetalia

  Recently read this after seeing the title in F!pages. And though not aware  saw it first in a SamSho fansite of all places and thought Hungary and Austria were Aizen and Orihime OTL. I'm still pretty far behind though nyahaha XDD Is it ironic that in a bishie-filled series my favorite is a girl? XD


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The best Buying Pet Gifts.

How very true, except for the crowds and emotions thingies. I hide in their shadows, and I'm moody.

I'll rant about hell week later. -o-


SS Fanart that Isn't Shit


This is a lame attempt do draw something badass.

My friends keep on callin him Cloud Strife like WTF.

I was toying with pastels when I did this. 
I saw fanarts of Garu giving Nako a crown of flowers. I drew her returning the favor. Chibi mode.

I'm prone to fluffy romance, but I don't want to have a relationship. ;p

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So yah, I started a LiveJournal account...again.



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