Ready, set- URYA!!!!

Peechiku pachiku Hoihoihoi!

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Just so you'd guys know...


I was so busy with school and everything
I wasn't able to post anything for the past 9 months. My upperclassmen were not kidding when they said the 3rd year in Multimedia is utter hell. I had to deal with slumps in the worst possible times, and I think my friends are shipping me with someone like WTF. My subsidy was reduced to 60% this time, but I'm still grateful that I can continue studying.

Web Design and Video Production classes are really fun if don't get hit by slumps. CAD and 3D, I have a hard time mastering.  2D Animation is a different story though :D. I can't wait to finish 2D Anim 2 so I could use the shiny shiny Cintiq used in 2D3 :D. Oh, and I still haven't forgotten the promise I made to you guys~

As for fandoms, I really don't have a new one this year. Sorry guys, but I can't dive deeper to Hetalia yet, as much as I love the characters. And I really have to catch up with Zetsubou Sensei; I had NO idea there was a 4th season OTL. The only anime I'm looking forward to so far is Fairy Tail. My 2D animation class though is giving me the urge to watch a Cow and Chicken marathon.


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